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Water facts are so interesting!

9/24/2021 (Permalink)

Water is such an essential part of our lives. I personally had no idea how many interesting facts are out there about this liquid. Hope you enjoy learning as much as I did.

*If the UNITED STATES alone, flushed the toilet 1 less time per day. It’s written that we could save a lake a mile in length and width with a depth of 4 feet. How many times do you think you flush?*

*They say over 90% of the worlds fresh water supply is over in Antarctica. 90%? Wow!*

*Next time you take a bath, think approximately 70 gallons of water to fill it, and 22,000 gallons for a  pool! “That’s just 1 bath and 1 pool”*

*Attention beer lovers. It takes 20 gallons of water to make 1 pint of beer. Think about that the next time you open a fridge at the store to grab a case.*

*They have studies that say it takes about 7 and a half years of our daily use of water in our homes to equal just 1 SECOND of the flowing water of Niagara Falls. Unreal! BTW..that number is 750,000 gallons per second.*

*For this next fact, this is a perfect reason to keep SERVPRO in your contacts! Leaks just from our homes can have a loss of 1 TRILLON gallons annually across the US. Which in turn equals that use of water in 11 million homes.*

Time for me to go drink a glass of water. This blog made me thirsty.

 SERVPRO here to serve the community. Oak Park/Ferndale. 248-246-0790

An important check list for Commercial Buildings.

9/23/2021 (Permalink)

To own a Commercial business is a big responsibility. Some of us enjoy the challenge, while others, enjoy going home at the end of the day. As a business owner we must consider everything from opening and getting started to what if there is a problem down the line.

It is imperative to think about weather throughout the year and what damage it could bring. A logical reason for having a Restoration Company in place like SERVPRO.

Some things to ask and have knowledge about in your Commercial structure that could potentially be the cause to the start of damage or loss.








A severe storm can cause damage that is something you can not control. However, it is good practice to have a maintenance company inspect the property regularly to potentially avoid more damage than necessary.

SERVPRO is a National Restoration Company that works with all Commercial Property. Call your LOCAL SERVPRO to set up an appointment with one of our team members to get your company on board with our EMERGENCY RESTORATION Process.

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Essentials in preparation of a storm.

9/23/2021 (Permalink)

Ask yourself, how well prepared are you if a storm comes through and you find yourself in a situation that you have never experienced? You may want to strongly consider having a real plan.

Have a list. Whether on paper or on your phone. (Both would be awesome)

Depending on the situation, you should know where to go and where to stay in place. What items you need for protection.

*Here we have a list of items that will be of help in a critical position.*

~Flashlight and batteries. (EXTRA!)

~Emergency phone numbers.

~Daily Medication

~All personal identification, cash, cards, bank information and important documents. (I SUGGEST KEEPING THESE ALL IN ONE PLACE AND A WATERPROOF CONTAINER)

~Nonperishable foods with a hand can opener.

~First aid kit.

~Bottled water. (As much as you can take)

~Change of clothes and a jacket.

~Waterproof boots and sturdy shoes.

~Blankets depending on the weather and time of year.

~Having a disposable camera for any documentation would be great. 


I am considering a Career with SERVPRO

8/6/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO’S start was in 1969 by a family who is still operating the company on a daily basis.

Over 1,800 locations across the USA.

Each location is individually owned and operated.

All Techs are trained and certified and are offered on going training throughout their career with SERVPRO.

All SERVPRO employees are given the opportunity to grow and move up in the company based on their individual performance. Not seniority.

SERVPRO is nationally recognized as one of the Top Restoration Company’s worldwide.

Preferred Restoration Vendor to most Insurance companies.

A company with the least amount of instability throughout economic changes and conditions.

SERVPRO EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAMS that come from all over the US TO HELP in any cleanup Disaster Situation and work with the local SERVPRO locations.

Competitive Salaries

~If you ever considered a Career with SERVPRO and inspired to challenge yourself to advance in a business, this just may be the job that’s for you.~

Water has its Pros and Cons.

8/6/2021 (Permalink)

I knew our bodies were about 60% water, but did you know that are blood is 90% water?

Helps skin and premature aging.

Water helps saliva which helps us swallow our food and digest it properly.

Without water we would be without oxygen in our blood and we need that to be delivered to all the parts of our body.

It helps regulate our body temperature through sweating then cooling down.

Helps the kidneys, water may help detour kidney stones.

H20 can help with weight loss and fullness before a meal. (Drink a glass or 2)

We need it to flush out the body waste.

Our brain and sensitive tissues need water to help us think properly.

To wash almost everything we use and ourselves.

We know how water is an essential component  of our everyday lives.


Every Commercial Business should have a SERVPRO Restoration company in place.

7/30/2021 (Permalink)

The saying it takes a village…in a large commercial loss, it takes an entire crew to get on top of such a task. Here at SERVPRO the staff is trained to take on enormous restoration projects. It is VERY IMPORTANT that a Commercial structure has a Restoration Company in place when and if a catastrophe happens.


WHY should I choose SERVPRO to be my EMERGENCY Response Team?

Our company prides itself on the “EMERGENCY READY PROFILE” in short. ERP.   

What is an ERP?

It is a precise Profile Documentation that contains the most critical information needed in case of an emergency for your company. At NO COST to you. The great part is you can upload our SERVPRO ERP APP right on your phone and rush out the door if need be and have all the information right with you!

This is a time and lifesaver for your company and takes less than an hour out of your day to sit with you and put the information together. Any business interested, please call our office and we will make an appointment to assist you at your convenience.

SERVPRO Oak Park/Ferndale 248-246-0790 we are here to help!

Shall We?

7/22/2021 (Permalink)

yellow, orange, blue, fire Low oxygen yellow orange fire. High oxygen blue fire.

Facts about Fire

  1. Fire is a chemical reaction. That unleashes heat and light.
  2. Fire is a reaction of oxygen and fuel thus causing the Fire to burn.
  3. Without the oxygen in the air, it can not assemble heat and smoke.
  4. It has been said that Earth is the only place where fire can burn. Other places do not provide enough oxygen.
  5. A low oxygen fire will construct a yellow glow. While a high oxygen fire will burn blue.
  6. A blaze can be put out in 3 different ways.
    1. Water
    2. Smothering the Oxygen
    3. Exterminating the fuel source
  7. Impulsive combustion is a real thing! Some fuel sources can create heat on their own. Examples: Haystacks, old newspapers.
  8. It is not known who masterminded the fire hydrant. The patent was demolished in a fire in 1836. (WHO KNEW…IN A FIRE!)
  9. I heard you can start a fire with ice. I have yet to study that one.
  10. Fires move faster going uphill rather than downhill.
  11. Fun fact: In the old days fire stations used horses to get around on. They also had spiral staircases in the stations. Know why? To make sure the horses were unable to climb into the living space. Brilliant!
  12. Call your local SERVPRO today. # 248-246-0790 for Fire Restoration.


7/21/2021 (Permalink)

wind, snow, words, storms Words to match that we certainly have different types of storms.

  1. HAIL STORMS-They cost an estimated $ 1 Billion a year when present. Hail can be small or very large and cause major damage due to dents, roof leaks and eventual water leaking into structures.
  1. THUNDERSTORMS-Very dangerous and highly incalculable these storms cause flash flooding. Thunderstorms can produce up to 30 feet of water causing trees and buildings to be torn out.
  1. WINDSTORMS-Some winds can reach up to 120 mph. Knocking down powerlines and up rooting trees. The demolition happens when the winds reach to speeds of 40-50 miles per hour. These storms can actually equal the damage of tornadoes.
  1. TORNADOES-Summer and Spring are when tornadoes are most likely to take place. Tornadoes can transcend over 300 mph! Anything can be pulled up out of place and thrown around causing the most dangerous threat. Thunderstorms release the vigor that puts the tornado in motion.
  1. BLIZZARDS-Heavy snow could cause roofs to collapse under the weight along with freezing temps and high winds and eventual snow melting causing water damage to get into a structure of any building or home.
  1. ICE STORMS-In freezing temps the snow can cover any surface and become a heavy piece of ice. Breaking and causing just as much damage as the heavy snow.
  1. HURRICANES-These winds are categorized between a 1 and 5. They could reach up to 157 mph. Any properties can be destroyed in the wake of a hurricane.
  1. SAND STORM/DUST STORM-Gusts of wind blow fine particles of sand that stay suspended in the air. If you are unfortunate to be caught up in this storm, over time these particles could be responsible for different kinds of health effects. Sand Storms rarely go above 50 feet from the ground.

Choosing the right Restoration Company

7/21/2021 (Permalink)

Why should I choose SERVPRO as my go to Restoration Company?

For those of you who do not know, each SERVPRO is individually owned and operated. With, 1,800 locations all over the United States.

This past June and July of 2021 here in Detroit, Grosse Pointe and other major cities has been one of the largest floods we have had since 2014. I remember the last one well, because my city was one of the cities affected at that time. Lucky, for me, I missed this one.

Many, home and businesses were affected by the floods, causing major damage, from roofs leaking, to ceilings falling, water damage and mold to name a few.

Something else you may be unaware of. SERVPRO has EMERGENCY STORM TEAMS put in place that drive in from all over the US when a devastation like this happens to help all the local locations so they are not overwhelmed by the calls and jobs that pour in. (No pun intended.) Crews work as quickly as possible to get to each situation as soon as possible. These teams of individuals that are away from their home and families are true hardworking members of the SERVPRO family. In time like these, we need a company that has a back up plan in the case of an EMERGENCY CRISIS.

Air Quality Specialist for Mold Removal

7/20/2021 (Permalink)

mold, removal, proper coverings, gloves, mask Removal of mold after the testing has been proven positive.

Let’s face it. Mold is everywhere. It is part of the natural environment. It is not normally a real threat unless it grows indoors. Mold is caused by moisture and humidity. The most obvious way of knowing you have mold is by seeing or smelling a very strong musty odor. Do not ignore these signs if you become aware of the problem.

The best way of knowing exactly what you are dealing with is having your home tested. It is highly recommended that you have an air quality expert examine the levels of all contamination in your home or business. These specialists use a variety of tools and swabs strictly approved by the EPA and will determine if it is widespread or contained to one specific area.

Once assessed, a mold remediation company will be given a full report. From that point an appropriate course of action will be taken in the removal of these spores. 

Call SERVPRO with any questions you may have regarding MOLD. Our company is here to help you have a clean safe living or workspace.

Oak Park/Ferndale-248-246-0790