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Storm, water, sewage drain

Storm caused sewage drain to bring water to the surface and expand on to the basement floor.

In the month of June, here in Detroit Michigan and surrounding areas the storms and rain took a very large toll on many home and business owners. The calls were “flooding” in (yes, I said that) it was a very challenging time for SERVPRO and the customers. Working together as a team we get through the rough times even when it may seem daunting in the moment.

Roof, water, wet insulation, wet wood

The importance of a commercial business staying open.

Businesses operate within a specified time frame. When you discover that you have water leaking from the ceiling it’s imperative to call SERVPRO right away! Time is of the essence for both the business owner and its clients. Water in this ceiling caused the wood beams and insulation to become saturated. Our SERVPRO TEAM was on it!

SERVPRO tech. Wet padding, wet carpet, cutting, removal.

Completely wet padding needs to be removed.

When padding under a carpet becomes completely wet it’s a must that it comes out. The floor underneath needs to be 100 percent dried. It is up to the customer to choose to keep the carpet and have it cleaned or toss it as well. Circumstances will determine that. Sewage back up. Most will have it tossed. Clean water. We can clean and disinfect the carpet for you. The SERVPRO TEAM is here to discuss options with you.

Wall, black dripping, fire

Yes, fire can effect any area.

The fire was not started in this room. I wanted to show how a fire that was put out and did not burn the entire house down can cause every room to be affected in some way. This is soot that landed on the walls in another area.

Board, hidden, black, mold

Mold hidden behind a board.

Hidden behind a board, this mold was growing and it’s hard to tell if it was there for a while or if it was because of a water loss that recently occurred in this home. Water equals moisture. Equals the eventual growth of mold.

Mold, wall, black, smells

Even the cleanest of spaces could possibly have an area that is questionable.

If you suspect mold or any biohazard waste such as animal feces, your local SERVPRO will walk through and inspect the entire area in question to make sure there is nothing else in hidden spaces. Call your local franchise for a SERVPRO CLEAN experience!

Fire, black soot walls, soot in cabinets.

Kitchen fire and black walls.

  • This homeowner had a fire in the kitchen. When flames occur and contents burn the smoke explodes in every direction. Even if a door or cabinet is closed and didn’t burn all contents more than likely these items will still be affected by black soot in some way. Please stay at the stove when cooking and keep all items sitting next to the burners away from the flames. 

Fire, burn, damage, black soot,

Basement destroyed by fire.

Fire is all consuming and is one of the most devastating events to go through. It is very tedious as to sorting out and cleaning. What is salvageable and what is not. Even if an item is untouched by the fire the order itself may never fully leave. This homeowner was devastated. SERVPRO of Oak Park Ferndale worked tirelessly to get this cleaned up.

Water, leak, ceiling, breakthrough

Storms caused water to come through ceiling.

Was it lightening? Strong winds? Or a weakness in the roof? Or all three? When a storm is fierce, there are many scenarios that could cause damage in areas you do not normally think about.

Water, drywall, insulation, mold

Just when you think water damage did not get affected behind the dry wall.

When you experience a water loss more times that not, you will have no idea exactly where the water traveled to. Unfortunately, if it gets into your insulation more than likely it will get on to the drywall. Drywall is made from a natural material called gypsum that will feed the mold. Even if you do not see mold on the drywall, it does not mean it is not there. It is best to dispose of the drywall because of contact with the insulation. As you can see in this photo mold was present on both areas. We were initially called only for a water loss.

PPE, Fogging, Disinfecting, Commercial Building

Disinfecting the right way!

Companies are calling upon SERVPRO to disinfect the premises when any contamination may occur within the structure. The technician wears Personal Protective Equipment and uses a fogging machine to spray in the air which lands on surfaces. The best part is SERVPRO uses a product called Benefect which kills 99.99 % of germs by using food grade plant extracts! Which equals no chemicals! All made form the herb Thyme.

orange note pad, writing, sitting on computer keys


These few words say A LOT! Our owner was leaving a job and the customer left this note for her and the entire crew. A simple THANK YOU IS SO APPRECIATED at the end of each job. Joining our team gives you the opportunity to grow into different positions and to cherish that feeling of truly helping one another. SERVPRO is a company where you make a difference in your customers lives.

Water, wet, wood, cement, rust, stain

Rusted Cement.

Objects that have been wet and sitting for some time such as metal can cause corrosion. Leaving any object or surface underneath to rust and stain. The SERVPRO team is here to assistant in making sure your home or business is dry.

Water loss, carpet, antimicrobial, dryers,school

School carpet soaks up water loss

Wet carpet for a school can be a big inconvenience.  A water loss took place and consumed the carpeting in a couple of rooms. In this photo, one of our SERVPRO Technicians is preparing to spray an antimicrobial made from food-grade plant extracts called Benefect and it kills 99.99 percent of germs.

Winter Storm Ice and snow on top of a roof that came through the ceiling in the kitchen of a home.

Winter Storm Ice and Snow Damage to a Roof Top that broke through a Kitchen ceiling.

In Michigan in the Winter months snow and ice comes and goes. This past year in 2020 we experienced a snowstorm that caused an accumulation of snow and ice to pile on our roof tops. Unfortunately for this homeowner it caused part of the ceiling to cave under the weight and water. SERVPRO is not just a fire, water, mold restoration company. We are here for you even in the coldest weather damage.

Floor in an office with water in a corner area that looks rusty yellow.

Professional building with water damage throughout the structure

Water damage in a Professional building in Ferndale. Coming into work to start your day and realizing that over night something went wrong and your stepping in water. SERVPRO OF Oak Park/Ferndale was called upon to help save the day. The damage was throughout the busy building and it was imperative that we were on site as soon as possible. We are a 24 hour, seven days a week company that receives calls for emergency situations. This is why SERVPRO is nationally recognized.

Carrie and the Crew Members

SERVPRO Oak Park/Ferndale Office

Our crew members discussing the day's work schedule before heading out on the road. We are proud of this team who listens and engages in conversation to ensure that all jobs are on time and all equipment needed is in place to go. Thank you to our SERVPRO team for all their hard work and dedication. We appreciate you. 

A beautiful cat with a SERVPRO santa hat.

Happy New Year! 2020 We are ready

We are committed and ready to serve our customers and the community in 2020 and making this a great year. SERVPRO Oak Park/Ferndale is always improving and finding ways to give our customers the best experience. 

Our beautiful Salsa and the rest of the staff here at SERVPRO Oak Park/Ferndale would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.

Two SERVPRO employees posing for a picture

Christmas Party 2019

Owner Carrie Fanelli is celebrating at the company Christmas party with one of her crew chiefs, Tabitha Smith.

Two SERVPRO employees posing for a picture.

Christmas Party 2019

Our employees Matt and Richelle pose for a pic during our Christmas Party

black area rug with gold and red design, left is dirty, right is clean

Carpet Cleaning

SERVPRO of Oak Park/Ferndale:

This metro Detroit banquet center needed the expertise of our trained technicians. The carpet was no match for SERVPRO'S pre-spray and traffic lane cleaner. After tackling an entire banquet room, our crew took an impressive comparison.

Drying Chamber

At SERVPRO of Oak Park/Ferndale we know accidents happen. A family in Macomb had an incident where a bathroom faucet was left running. The water leaked onto the bathroom floor, and onto the kitchen ceiling. Here we set up a containment to shrink the drying chambers to get that part of the ceiling dried in a reasonable amount of time.

Fire Emergency Services

When an emergency arises SERVPRO of Oak Park/Ferndale is always ready to help. We offer immediate board up/roof tarp services like the picture shown. Here we were called to assist with a board up after a house fire. To protect against further damage, and to maintain security we will board up missing windows and walls, and place tarps on damaged roofs.

Sub Pump failure due to a Storm

Michigan weather is unpredictable, especially in the winter months. In April of 2018 we had a four day storm that came across the Great Lakes bringing not only snow, but freezing rain. This is a picture of standing water in a customer's basement due to the storm. The storm left many without power, and as a result of no power this customer's sub pump failed flooding the basement. The professionals at SERVPRO of Oak Park/Ferndale wasted no time extracting the water from the basement, and performing a complete dry out.

Getting your Commercial Building up and Running After a Loss

Here at SERVPRO of Oak Park/Ferndale we know every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. This is a photo of a large commercial building who had extensive leaking coming from the roof. We immediately upon arrival covered all the machinery with plastic to protect the contents. We assessed the issue, and got it resolved to start the drying process. We quickly dried out the building, and had them up and running “Like it never even happened.”

Containing and Removing Mold

Mold containment is a big deal when it comes to mold remediation. This picture is of a mold job we did, and an example of how our trained professionals at SERVPRO of Oak Park/Ferndale do just that. We use various containment procedures to prevent the spread of mold. Our main goal is to not only remove the mold, but to make sure mold spores are not being spread during the clean up process.

Frozen Pipe Burst Situation

This is a picture of a water loss due to a frozen pipe burst. Every room in the home was affected, turning this into a large water loss. We went in assessed all the damage, and took the necessary precautions to extract, dry, and clean the home. When temperatures start to plummet it is very important to take the extra steps to keep your pipes from freezing, and possibly bursting.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning in Royal Oak, MI

SERVPRO of Oak Park/Ferndale was contacted to provide deep cleaning services for this commercial kitchen. This local restaurant was closed and bought by another restaurant. SERVPRO went out a few day prior to the new restaurant's grand opening and cleaned the entire kitchen area, walls included, as well as the bathrooms. We created a squeaky clean new work area for the chef and the crew to make this new restaurant a huge success! We can come and provide commercial kitchen deep cleaning services to your business, Call SERVPRO of Oak Park/Ferndale and request a quote! Our vision is to be the premier cleaning and restoration company in the world! Let us show you what we can do!

Photo of the Week - 06/16/2017 Mold in South Michigan

We began demo this week on the summer home who need mold remediation of the entire home. This will be striped down the studs, the interior of the home and the garage. The remaining structure will be cleaned and sealed. This is a photo of some of the demo process. We'll keep you posted on the progress of this job and show you the mold remediation process.

Photo of the Week - 06/09/2017 Fire in Detroit, MI

We are beginning work on this fire loss. It is a kitchen fire and the fire damage is confined to the kitchen and the homeowner was able to put it out with a fire extinguisher. However, the soot damage was found in every room on the main level. We will clean every room, walls, ceiling, and floor, as well as all the contents, clothing, and furniture. Stay tuned for the after cleaning photos.

Storm Causes Drain Overflow in Basement, Berkley, MI

Heavy rainfall caused the floor drains in this basement to overflow and left what we call Category 3 waste to clean, disinfect, and to protect. It is important to clean up a Category 3 (grossly contaminated) damage site ASAP to protect those in the home from adverse health effects. This customer was very pleased with our work as well as the short time it took for us to get on site and complete the demo and set up our equipment.

Current Mold Remediation in Southern Michigan

This is a customer's summer home. At some point during the winter months when the home is unoccupied, the upstairs shower had a pipe leak/rupture that continued for quite some time. Due to the massive amount of water throughout the home as well as the extreme moisture cause the perfect conditions for microbial growth. The water sat untouched in the home for an undetermined amount of time, allowing for mold to grow on virtually every surface in this house. SERVPRO of Oak Park/Ferndale has just begun the mold remediation of this home. Due to the extent of the microbial growth, this will be a complete tear-out. Please stay tuned for the after photos of this mold remediation, to be posted next week, sometime after 06/19/2017.

House Fire in Oak Park, MI

A fire in your home can not only cause severe devastation to your house but also, and most important, your life. We here at SERVPRO of Oak Park/Ferndale understand that. We do our very best to give you peace of mind that we will treat your home and belongings as if they were our own. We walk you though the process and keep you informed and lines of communication open in case you have any questions. Fire damage can destroy so much and so quickly, even causing damage where you can't see. 

It is important to review your fire insurance policy often. It can been even further devastating to find out that you do not have proper or enough coverage to put your back to the way it was. Make sure your policy limits and coverage's are up to date, so we can make your house a home again, "Like it never even happened."

Ever walk into your office looking like this after a 3-day weekend?

Well this business owner did. This business offers an office gym complete with locker rooms and showers for their employees. When the connector failed for the dual hot water tanks at some point over the 3-day holiday weekend, the water flowed throughout the first and second floors. The damage is extensive. This is when you call SERVPRO of Oak Park/Ferndale to come help you out. We know how important it is to get your office back up and running. We will work with you and your schedule, if needed. We know how to get your business back to "Like it never even happened."

5/26/17 - Photo of the Week

This is the before and after photo of the lab in a dentist office SERVPRO of Oak Park/Ferndale performed water mitigation services on. The hot water tank failed and caused significant water damage to multiple room, including this one. It seems that it happened while the office was closed for the weekend and the water sat for some time. The cabinet was saturated with water as well as the drywall. It was also discovered that the tank had been leaking prior to this and microbial growth was found under this cabinet as well. As the mitigation team, we remove only the affected, destroyed items, then set drying equipment on the rest. Once everything is demoed and dried, our equipment is removed and the recon team comes in to put everything back together, "Like it never even happened."

This week's Photo of the Week

SERVPRO of Oak Park/Ferndale will go into some pretty dark and dirty places to make sure your happy. Water and animals can creep into your crawl space and cause all types of issues. We can remove excess water and unwanted debris that can cause some pretty awful odors into your living space. We can place a vapor barrier and lime on the floor of crawl as well as clean and spray the structure above. Call us at 248-246-0790 if you have water in your crawlspace or in need of having it cleaned out. NO job is too big, no space is too small!!!

SERVPRO of Oak Park/Ferndale Fleet

SERVPRO of Oak Park/Ferndale's fleet of Green Machines! When you see these bad boys coming down the road, you know that SERVPRO is on their way! We will come take care of the problem, like it never happened!

Kitchen Fire in Oak Park, MI

This is the result of a kitchen fire. This is why it is so important to stay close to your stove while cooking and to never leave items on the stovetop. We were able to clean the soot and smoke damage from the walls and ceiling and the owner was very happy with her results. 

Tear Gas Clean Up in Detroit, MI

This is the aftermath of a DEA raid on a rented home in Detroit, MI. The pink powder on the floor is the residue from the tear gas used to raid this house suspected of illegal activity. The owner of this home was completely unaware what tenants were up to in her home, yet she was responsible for the clean up. This just goes to show that we here at SERVPRO of Oak Park/Ferndale are capable of handling any type of loss and restore the home "Like it never happened!"

Sewage Backup in Oak Park, MI

When heavy rain falls and the sewer systems is unable to to do its job properly, flooding and sewage backups can occur, as seen here. The damage and mess that it can cause its unbelievable! That is when you give us a call here at SERVPRO of Oak Park/Ferndale. We are fully equipped and extensive trained to handle these situations. We address all your concerns, ease your mind, and get your home back to where it was before, "like it never happened!"

Mold Job in Ferndale, MI

When microbial growth has been found in a home, our SERVPRO technicians are required to suit up in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This is done not only for their health and safety, but for others as well. This way any spores that may get on them stay in the containment area as they will remove the PPE in a manner not to contaminate others or other areas in the home. 

Roof Leak/Storm Damage in Detroit, MI

After heavy rainfall, this homeowner was woken by a loud crash, and this is what he found, his ceiling had caved in due to water damage from a roof leak. The damage was substantial, affecting the walls and floors on three levels. This was a vaulted ceiling over a winding staircase, causing damage to that as well. The owner was amazed at the amount of damage that was caused, yet very pleased that we were able to locate all affected materials and removed or dried them, making way for the recon crew to come and put it all back together.