Recent Before & After Photos

Drying out a hard to reach area in the ceiling.

As all things in life, there is a process to everything. If you skip steps, you can’t reach the proper outcome. A large Apartment complex had a main water... READ MORE


I personally can walk into a room and smell the presence of mold within a structure. It has a very distinct odor. When you are in your atmosphere every day, you... READ MORE

Church Basement after storm water backup and leaks.

Large basement in a local church along with many other structures in the area had a sewage backup and some leaking in ceiling tiles throughout the basement. Man... READ MORE

This fire was contained

This may not look like there was a fire that took place, but there was. This was an unusual situation in which the fire came up through the duct. Could have bee... READ MORE

Water damage is down under.

I now check all areas of my home after a storm comes in. You could have a crack in a wall. A hole in the roof. Damage around the perimeter of the home and not e... READ MORE

Individual beauty stations in Commercial building surprised by water.

I know many of you will understand this one. When I have a hair appointment or massage, I look forward to getting it done. This is my relax time. Getting a phon... READ MORE

Storms can cause water damage in the basement.

When a storm comes through it will more than likely build puddles of water around the area of the property. The drains can plug up from debris or a backup of wa... READ MORE

Water damage can happen to any home. New or old.

In this scenario, unfortunately this brand new home had a water loss from a shower upstairs that ran down into the walls of this kitchen. Unbeknownst to the hom... READ MORE

Any drain back up needs to be properly cleansed and sanitized.

In these before and after photos it may not look as if the water that came up from the drain consumed to much of this basement or was overly dirty. In fact, it ... READ MORE

Possible Electrical Fire

The cause of this fire was suspect of an electrical misfortune. Fires are not always caused by a stove or burning candle. According to the U.S. Fire Administrat... READ MORE