Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Church Basement after storm water backup and leaks.

Large basement in a local church along with many other structures in the area had a sewage backup and some leaking in ceiling tiles throughout the basement. Man... READ MORE

Water damage is down under.

I now check all areas of my home after a storm comes in. You could have a crack in a wall. A hole in the roof. Damage around the perimeter of the home and not e... READ MORE

Storms can cause water damage in the basement.

When a storm comes through it will more than likely build puddles of water around the area of the property. The drains can plug up from debris or a backup of wa... READ MORE

Storm/Sewage backup in Huntington Woods, MI

Many homes experience flooding in their basements when it rains too heavily for the drainage system to carry the water. The excess water had no where to go, the... READ MORE

Aug 2014 Storm/Flood Job in Huntington Woods, MI

Another home affected in the colossal flooding that hit Southern Michigan in 2014. This home had a lot of contents in their basement that was affected. Because ... READ MORE

Flooded Basement in Warren, MI

In August, 2014, SE Michigan was hit with a storm that caused massive flooding to our area. Even our highways flooded to the point that many vehicles were float... READ MORE

Flooding and Sewage Backup in Hazel Park, MI

When this basement flooded from heavy rainfalls, also causing a sewage backup, the damage that was caused was extensive. there was almost four feet of standing ... READ MORE