Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Individual beauty stations in Commercial building surprised by water.

I know many of you will understand this one. When I have a hair appointment or massage, I look forward to getting it done. This is my relax time. Getting a phon... READ MORE

Downtown Detroit bar drain back up and cleaned up.

Downtown Detroit in Michigan is a famous area most people have heard of. When it comes to Dining and sports, on the Lake Concerts, and watching boaters float by... READ MORE

Commercial Water Loss in Berkley, MI

This office building suffered major flooding due to drain backup. This building is two levels in the front and three in the rear. The water was throughout the e... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage in Berkley, MI

This medical office building in Berkley experienced a hot water tank water supply line break during a holiday weekend. When they arrived to work on Tuesday, the... READ MORE

Commercial Storm/Water Damage in Ferndale, MI

This loss occurred in a local church. During a particularly severe storm that caused blown off shingles and damage to the roof decking, the heavy rainfall that ... READ MORE

Commercial Water Loss in Roseville, MI

The machining company was doused in water when the water pooled on the tarp that was covering the building's flat roof in the intermittent of its replacement an... READ MORE