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Water Damage VS Flood Damage Coverage: Knowing the Difference

7/18/2018 (Permalink)

When it comes to getting insurance for your home or business researching and knowing everything about a policy is key. One common mistake many homeowners tend to make is assuming flood damage is covered under their homeowners insurance. Your definition of a flood maybe different from the definition your insurance company considers a flood. The important thing to remember is that flood damage is NOT the same as water damage, and this especially goes when it comes to insurance purposes.

The Differences

Flooding by the National Flood Insurance Program is defined as: "A temporary rising of water on land that is normally dry, causing damage to two or more properties." 

-Overflowing of a body of water

-A mudslide caused by heavy rains

-Heavy rains that soil cannot absorb quickly enough causing water to seep into the home

Those are all examples of how flooding can occur. Now lets talk about water damage. Typically water damage is covered under homeowners insurance(you should read and know your policy to determine what kind of water damage). Water damage to insurance companies means water damage that happened before the water came in contact with the ground. Such as:

-Heavy rains soak into your roof damaging ceilings, walls, and floors.

-A pipe bursts causing water to saturate the ceiling below

-A over flowing toilet soaking the bathroom and seeping into floorboards

-A window breaking from hail allowing water to get inside the home or window seal


Water damage is covered by insurance companies when the home or business owner could not prevent the hazard. Flooding is a hazard we cannot control however the main difference is flooding is a hazard that comes from a natural source. Also keep in mind two or more properties need to be involved for insurance companies to cover a flood claim if you have flood insurance(If you and a neighbor are having flooding issues due to heavy rain then it is a flood claim). Always thoroughly review your insurance polices to know exactly what is and is not covered before any flood or water damage occurs. Keep in mind if you do need to purchase flood insurance most insurance policies require 30 days before it is active. If you know you are in a flood zone do not hesitate on flood insurance one day it could happen and its best to be prepared.  

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