Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

SERVPRO tech. Wet padding, wet carpet, cutting, removal.

Completely wet padding needs to be removed.

When padding under a carpet becomes completely wet it’s a must that it comes out. The floor underneath needs to be 100 percent dried. It is up to the customer to choose to keep the carpet and have it cleaned or toss it as well. Circumstances will determine that. Sewage back up. Most will have it tossed. Clean water. We can clean and disinfect the carpet for you. The SERVPRO TEAM is here to discuss options with you.

Mold, wall, black, smells

Even the cleanest of spaces could possibly have an area that is questionable.

If you suspect mold or any biohazard waste such as animal feces, your local SERVPRO will walk through and inspect the entire area in question to make sure there is nothing else in hidden spaces. Call your local franchise for a SERVPRO CLEAN experience!

orange note pad, writing, sitting on computer keys


These few words say A LOT! Our owner was leaving a job and the customer left this note for her and the entire crew. A simple THANK YOU IS SO APPRECIATED at the end of each job. Joining our team gives you the opportunity to grow into different positions and to cherish that feeling of truly helping one another. SERVPRO is a company where you make a difference in your customers lives.

Water, wet, wood, cement, rust, stain

Rusted Cement.

Objects that have been wet and sitting for some time such as metal can cause corrosion. Leaving any object or surface underneath to rust and stain. The SERVPRO team is here to assistant in making sure your home or business is dry.

Water loss, carpet, antimicrobial, dryers,school

School carpet soaks up water loss

Wet carpet for a school can be a big inconvenience.  A water loss took place and consumed the carpeting in a couple of rooms. In this photo, one of our SERVPRO Technicians is preparing to spray an antimicrobial made from food-grade plant extracts called Benefect and it kills 99.99 percent of germs.

Floor in an office with water in a corner area that looks rusty yellow.

Professional building with water damage throughout the structure

Water damage in a Professional building in Ferndale. Coming into work to start your day and realizing that over night something went wrong and your stepping in water. SERVPRO OF Oak Park/Ferndale was called upon to help save the day. The damage was throughout the busy building and it was imperative that we were on site as soon as possible. We are a 24 hour, seven days a week company that receives calls for emergency situations. This is why SERVPRO is nationally recognized.