Water Damage Photo Gallery

Board, hidden, black, mold

Mold hidden behind a board.

Hidden behind a board, this mold was growing and it’s hard to tell if it was there for a while or if it was because of a water loss that recently occurred in this home. Water equals moisture. Equals the eventual growth of mold.

Water, drywall, insulation, mold

Just when you think water damage did not get affected behind the dry wall.

When you experience a water loss more times that not, you will have no idea exactly where the water traveled to. Unfortunately, if it gets into your insulation more than likely it will get on to the drywall. Drywall is made from a natural material called gypsum that will feed the mold. Even if you do not see mold on the drywall, it does not mean it is not there. It is best to dispose of the drywall because of contact with the insulation. As you can see in this photo mold was present on both areas. We were initially called only for a water loss.

Drying Chamber

At SERVPRO of Oak Park/Ferndale we know accidents happen. A family in Macomb had an incident where a bathroom faucet was left running. The water leaked onto the bathroom floor, and onto the kitchen ceiling. Here we set up a containment to shrink the drying chambers to get that part of the ceiling dried in a reasonable amount of time.

Frozen Pipe Burst Situation

This is a picture of a water loss due to a frozen pipe burst. Every room in the home was affected, turning this into a large water loss. We went in assessed all the damage, and took the necessary precautions to extract, dry, and clean the home. When temperatures start to plummet it is very important to take the extra steps to keep your pipes from freezing, and possibly bursting.

This week's Photo of the Week

SERVPRO of Oak Park/Ferndale will go into some pretty dark and dirty places to make sure your happy. Water and animals can creep into your crawl space and cause all types of issues. We can remove excess water and unwanted debris that can cause some pretty awful odors into your living space. We can place a vapor barrier and lime on the floor of crawl as well as clean and spray the structure above. Call us at 248-246-0790 if you have water in your crawlspace or in need of having it cleaned out. NO job is too big, no space is too small!!!

Sewage Backup in Oak Park, MI

When heavy rain falls and the sewer systems is unable to to do its job properly, flooding and sewage backups can occur, as seen here. The damage and mess that it can cause its unbelievable! That is when you give us a call here at SERVPRO of Oak Park/Ferndale. We are fully equipped and extensive trained to handle these situations. We address all your concerns, ease your mind, and get your home back to where it was before, "like it never happened!"