Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Storm, water, sewage drain

Storm caused sewage drain to bring water to the surface and expand on to the basement floor.

In the month of June, here in Detroit Michigan and surrounding areas the storms and rain took a very large toll on many home and business owners. The calls were “flooding” in (yes, I said that) it was a very challenging time for SERVPRO and the customers. Working together as a team we get through the rough times even when it may seem daunting in the moment.

Water, leak, ceiling, breakthrough

Storms caused water to come through ceiling.

Was it lightening? Strong winds? Or a weakness in the roof? Or all three? When a storm is fierce, there are many scenarios that could cause damage in areas you do not normally think about.

Winter Storm Ice and snow on top of a roof that came through the ceiling in the kitchen of a home.

Winter Storm Ice and Snow Damage to a Roof Top that broke through a Kitchen ceiling.

In Michigan in the Winter months snow and ice comes and goes. This past year in 2020 we experienced a snowstorm that caused an accumulation of snow and ice to pile on our roof tops. Unfortunately for this homeowner it caused part of the ceiling to cave under the weight and water. SERVPRO is not just a fire, water, mold restoration company. We are here for you even in the coldest weather damage.

Sub Pump failure due to a Storm

Michigan weather is unpredictable, especially in the winter months. In April of 2018 we had a four day storm that came across the Great Lakes bringing not only snow, but freezing rain. This is a picture of standing water in a customer's basement due to the storm. The storm left many without power, and as a result of no power this customer's sub pump failed flooding the basement. The professionals at SERVPRO of Oak Park/Ferndale wasted no time extracting the water from the basement, and performing a complete dry out.

Storm Causes Drain Overflow in Basement, Berkley, MI

Heavy rainfall caused the floor drains in this basement to overflow and left what we call Category 3 waste to clean, disinfect, and to protect. It is important to clean up a Category 3 (grossly contaminated) damage site ASAP to protect those in the home from adverse health effects. This customer was very pleased with our work as well as the short time it took for us to get on site and complete the demo and set up our equipment.

Roof Leak/Storm Damage in Detroit, MI

After heavy rainfall, this homeowner was woken by a loud crash, and this is what he found, his ceiling had caved in due to water damage from a roof leak. The damage was substantial, affecting the walls and floors on three levels. This was a vaulted ceiling over a winding staircase, causing damage to that as well. The owner was amazed at the amount of damage that was caused, yet very pleased that we were able to locate all affected materials and removed or dried them, making way for the recon crew to come and put it all back together.