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Storm Damage Handling

7/16/2018 (Permalink)

Major storms often bring violent weather, and with violent weather storm damage usually always occurs. Strong winds either from a storm or a tornado can cause chaos for a home or business owner. Knowing how to handle the situation if storm damage happens to your home or business could mean everything. It also helps when it comes to protecting not only your belongings, but your safety and the safety of others.


Storm damage can occur from a number of different things. Strong winds can cause shingles or tiles on roofs to become loose. Strong winds can uplift trees, or other objects that can be tossed on a roof causing impact. Wind is also but not always associated with rain. This is where the big issue lies when any type of damage is done to a roof. When dealing with a damaged roof this allows water or moisture to get inside of the home. This will cause damage to ceilings, walls, and even worse cause the potential for mold growth. Hail during a storm can also cause significant damage to a roof. Lightening is another one that can cause major damage to a home or business. It can cause branches to break off of trees, cause windows to shattered if hit, and also can start a fire.

**Handling the Issue**

Any type of damage to a home or business can be very overwhelming for anyone. Calling a professional restoration company such as SERVPRO of Oak Park/Ferndale will help with acting quickly on getting the problem solves, and minimize the impact the damage has on your home or business.


First thing a home or business owner should do is make sure the power to the home or business is shut off. Storm water can soak into walls reaching electrical wiring. This also could be done with the water supply if any pipes are broken, and or the sewage system is plugged/backed up.

**Assessing Damage**

This is where a professional restoration company comes into play. Our trained experts will do an examination of the home or business. We thoroughly check the properties interior and the exterior. We will work with your insurance company by taking photo's of the damage for insurance purposes, and following insurance polices.

**Roof Repairs**

Roofs are always hit the hardest when a storm rolls thru. Water damage can happen quickly whenever a roof is in need of repair. The roof will be inspected and repaired immediately in order to stop anymore water damage from occurring.

**The Clean Up*

Once the roof is taken care of temporary or permanently the clean up can start to happen. When cleaning up water we make sure every inch is dry using our professional expertise. We will pick the right equipment needed to get the job done. Whether it is using vacuums and pumps to remove the water, dehumidifiers and air movers to stop mold and mildew before it even happens, to generators if needed to operate our equipment. We will also take the necessary steps in making sure everything is done correctly. We will re-mediate any mold if the water has been sitting for any length of time. We will pull carpet or wet flooring if not salvageable, and disinfect hard surfaces, shampoo savable interiors, and deodorize to stop any odors.

When contacted as soon as the first notice of loss has happened we will be able to save your home or business from a bigger issue. Even the shortest of storms can do a big amount of damage. Our goal is to fix, clean, and get your property back to looking as good as new!!

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