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What is safer? Tap or Bottled Water?

9/27/2022 (Permalink)

Is our drinking water a real concern? What is the difference between tap water and bottled water? Is one better than the other?

 Tap Water

*Environmental-selecting tap water over bottled is with out a doubt much better for the environment. Less plastic equals healthy environment.

*Taste-While some believe that tap water has less quality in taste, in a blind taste test, it was very hard to tell the difference between the two.

*Expense-While water is one of your Utility bills or free when you find it elsewhere within the community from public drinking fountains. We simply get to turn on a faucet in our home and restaurants. Tap water is extremely cost effective as opposed to bottled water.

*Safety-According to the CDC our tap water is one of the safest in the world. A nonprofit organization called Food & Water watch say that our tap water is more subject to testing as opposed to bottled water.

*Bottom line-Research is always necessary. Tap water contain microorganisms and chemicals. And not all contaminants are subject to regulation.

 Bottled Water

*Environmental-According to the nonprofit organization Container recycling Institute EVERY DAY in the US people throw away 60 million plastic water bottles. And we all know where they end up.

*Taste-It is said you may want to consider the source, may of the bottled waters are simply filtered tap water. The taste difference will differ if you choose sparkling water, flavored or mineral.

*Expense-It is written that bottled water is 2,000 more the expense of tap water. Yet, very convenient to hand out in situations where water is not readily available.

*Safety-The FDA sets the rules for bottled water. Requiring the safety. However, through processing and plastic itself many water bottles contain microplastics contamination.

*Bottom line-Again do your research. If it is important for you to know what you are consuming and what is best for you. Research the direct source.

Metro Detroit August 2022 Storm

9/9/2022 (Permalink)

Metro Detroit experienced a storm the last week of August 2022. It swept through quickly but in its wake caused serious damage. Many cities experienced massive trees being pulled up by their roots. Branches fell on to homes and cars. A storm could last minutes and cause severe clean up that needs to take place. SERVPRO is a company that comes into a home or business, garage, any structure, also outside if needed and assists with demo and major clean up. Our team is trained in how to access these losses. They study the destruction with the owner, production manager and team and come up with a plan that best suits the needs of that loss. Training, experience, hands on, discussion, communication and hard work as a team is what SERVPRO prides itself on. If you have storm damage and need a Professional Restoration Company, give SERVPRO A CALL TODAY. #248-246-0790

Popular Store took a hard hit

9/2/2022 (Permalink)

structure, walls gone, insulation gone, flooring gone Popular Commercial business took a hard hit and a total loss of inventory including the inside structure.

SERVPRO of Oak Park Ferndale received the call. When a team Restoration company walks into any situation you can’t image how large the loss will be. Especially in a Commercial business that has a huge amount of inventory. In the case of this popular store, because of the type of loss it was, pretty much everything had to be thrown away. From the back of the store to the front. A major sewage backup in which the water was spread throughout the entire store overnight. Getting in the carpet, into the lower walls and insulation. The loss of product on top of the structure is a hard hit. SERVPRO will always make the most effort to restore anything that can cleaned and disinfected. Unfortunately, because it was sewage this company was most honorable in making sure that no customer would be affected by this Biohazard waste. If your Commercial business needs a carpet cleaning or has any kind of Restoration needs, please call your local SERVPRO right away. Our staff will guide you throughout the entire process.


Is there water behind or under this surface? Let me use my moisture detector.

8/4/2022 (Permalink)

Gloves, wall, floor, moisture detector In a water loss, not all water can be detected by sight. The moisture detector indicates there is water present under the surface.

When SERVPRO receives a call for a water loss there are important questions that we need to ask. Where is the water coming from? When did this happen and how long has it been there? What areas has the water affected? Have you called a plumber and has the company come out yet? These are a few examples. Before SERVPRO can do their job, the plumber needs to come in and rectify the location of the problem first. Once the plumbing has been fixed. SERVPRO comes in and not only cleans but also checks to see if the water is in the walls or floor or any area that would cause water to hide itself in. In this picture our technician used a handheld moisture detector. It is in the red, which indicates there is water under the wood floor and tile. When water has seeped under a floor, you can’t dry it. The floor needs to be removed to dry underneath that surface. Or drywall may need to be removed along with insulation. These detectors can read moisture through wood, timber, drywall, roofing, plaster, brick and tile.

Named number #1 In Restoration Services

8/3/2022 (Permalink)

January 2022 SERVPRO was named Best #1 in Restoration Services Category for the 19th Year in a row. In addition, SERVPRO was named top 10 Overall in Franchise Opportunities coming in at #8. This information comes from the Entrepreneur Magazine 2022 Franchise 500 rankings. The company recently celebrated its 2000th franchise opening. Located in the US and Canada. SERVPRO has over 50 years of experience in water and fire cleanup, biohazard and pathogen damages to mold, construction, and carpet cleaning. We are a preferred vendor to most insurance companies. We are a company that does not have limitations on the size of the disaster. Commercial or Residential. If there is a Statewide Emergency SERVPRO Franchisers will send out part of their team to go out of state and help other SERVPRO locations dealing with an over whelming amount of work that needs to take place. Nothing in life is perfect. However, with a reputation of outstanding work ethics, I believe you can trust in calling your local SERVPRO without reservation.


Massive Product loss in Commercial Business.

7/22/2022 (Permalink)

plastic, containment, drying, empty Commercial business took massive loss on products and structure.

Recently we worked with a company that took a massive loss on their commercial business. Contents, partial dry wall, carpet, racks, had to be discarded due to bio contamination of a sewage backup. This was my first time seeing such a large loss. When we think of Restoration, we know that it means returning something to the original condition or place. In many cases it means exactly that, like wiping the slate clean, and all that is in between can not be saved. Contamination of objects could potentially be a health concern. What kind of contamination am I talking about? Parasites, fungi, bacteria, viruses. Also not limited to these examples of concern. SERVPRO of Oak Park Ferndale took on this role of restoring this commercial business by eliminating all merchandise that was affected by this nasty back up that consumed much of their products and structure.

Why do I have spider webs after a fire?

7/20/2022 (Permalink)

Stove fire, soot, black, webs Soot tags form after a fire that have the appearance of spider webs.

What are some noticeable signs of a fire besides the obvious? If you have experienced a fire it may surprise you or even creep you out to see these spider looking webs in higher places along your doors and ceiling. There is a name and reason. They are called soot webs or (soot tags) even in smaller fires these webs are common. What does fire create? HEAT! When you feel heat what do you want to do? Get to a cooler area right? It is the same with hot air that moves causing the smoke and soot to move along with it. In an area that has lower air circulating the particles are what forms the web like threads to appear. The fire that took place in this home was unfortunate. SERVPRO of Oak Park Ferndale received the call. If you or anyone you know has had a fire loss and are unsure what company to turn to. Please call our office at 248-246-0790.

Meetings, French Toast, eggs and Bacon? My kind of workplace!

7/19/2022 (Permalink)

 team, breakfast, food, baon, eggs, french toast SERVPRO of Oak Park Ferndale staff making breakfast before the morning meeting.

Are you acquainted with the saying there is NO I in team? Without one another we could not do the work we do. The owners here at SERVPRO of Oak Park Ferndale appreciate their team. Weekly meetings to talk about the jobs for the day and the ones that are still being worked on. The moments of laughter that comes from conversations to some real jokesters in the group. A homemade morning breakfast with the team, a gesture of thank you, or maybe, just because. In these hard times we are facing and the challenges that comes along with decisions that need to be made. It is reassuring to know that there are some good people who want the best fore their employees. Want to join our team? Call 248-246-0790.

Who predicts the storms and how?

7/18/2022 (Permalink)

Yellow sign, warning, storm damage An indication of what happened here. Nature took it by storm.

Meteorologists, also known as Forecasters are scientists who study the conditions of weather. Many tools are used to predict storms coming all around the world. What tools do they use? Surface maps, radar, and satellites. Surface maps help indicate high or low pressure. High pressure gives us the beautiful sunny skies. When low pressure is stipulated we are heading in a stormy direction. Computer forecasting models are used for different scenarios of what could happen within the atmosphere. Everyday millions of monitoring time from satellites are recorded. Meteorologists have dozens of these models to observe and any slight changes in the atmosphere can cause a different result. Technology has come a long way over the years in aiding us with warnings of storms so we can do our best to protect ourselves.

If your home or business fell victim to storm damage, please call your local SERVPRO. We are a preferred vendor to many insurance companies. SERVPRO of Oak Park Ferndale-248-246-0790.

What should I do to teach my child about fire safety?

7/15/2022 (Permalink)

When a fire starts in your home (or any area) children are not familiar with the flames, this could be one of the most frightening experiences they go through and they have no idea how dire the situation could potentially be. Starting children at an age appropriate time where they can learn as to what, and what not to do, is a very good idea. There are kid-friendly books regarding fire safety. Starting there is good practice. Playing games. When you participate in an activity children have a much better chance at remembering what they did. Many ideas are on the internet about what activities you can choose without it being a scary subject. Practice is vital. Not all situations will be the same, but if they have a basic understanding of what to do, they have a better chance of not panicking and getting out safely. I taught my children to never go with a stranger! Children may hide for this reason. It is important to talk about who and in what situation they may allow themselves to accept the offer of help.