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How and Why we stop the spread of Mold.

1/4/2023 (Permalink)

When mold is discovered a lot can go through a home owners mind. One thing we hear from our customers is "how do I stop this from spreading and getting to other parts of my house?" 

The answer is containment!

When The professionals at the SERVPRO of OakPark/Ferndale put up these temporary walls of plastic or Cover doors, they are protecting the other parts of your home from the spread of tiny spores that can grow and damage other areas of the home.

This can even save on costs and also reduce the time it will take to complete the job as specific areas can be isolated in large spaces to reduce the cleaning area and prevent unnecessary work.

We are always committed to providing a safe and efficient jobsite to make it, Like It Never Even Happened.

Experience and Knowledge is why SERVPRO is highly ranked in the Restoration Industry

11/15/2022 (Permalink)

There are many Restoration companies out there. I, for one do not want to discredit the other amazing companies out there, that work very hard to bring a satisfying result to their customers. However, I can speak for the company I work for. Two years in now, and I can say that the team effort of the SERVPRO of Oak Park Ferndale staff is outstanding. Yes, it can be hard work. But the satisfaction of knowing how you have helped a family or business is very rewarding. You can go as far as you desire with SERVPRO. Opportunities to grow with the company with on-going training is always there for anyone who wants to become an owner. SERVPRO is highly ranked and recognized in the Restoration Industry and a Preferred vendor to most Insurance companies. Experience and knowledge is what makes a company successful. SERVPRO has accomplished that.

First call a Plumber to fix the source of the water loss, then call your local SERVPRO

11/8/2022 (Permalink)

lower floor level, water covering floor Home owners discover water covering their basement floor. A call into SERVPRO to extract, clean and dry to prevent mold.

Whether your washing machine had a faulty part or water is pushing up from the basement drain the surprise of walking down the stairs to a floor covered in water is never a surprise that is welcoming. This homeowner had a water loss that covered most of the floor. SERVPRO Technicians are on call 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. Emergency situations are what we are known for. If you have a break or leak from a water source such as a sink, toilet, shower, washing machine, refrigerator, or pipe please contact a plumber to get the source fixed first. In order for our team to come in to clean and dry the area the root cause needs to be stopped. Once that is complete. Proceed to call your local SERVPRO.

House fire with more damage than meets the eye.

11/7/2022 (Permalink)

House, Fire, Soot, black, front of home, attic area. A fire took place in a local residence. SERVPRO of Oak Park/Ferndale was a part of this Restoration.

Just by observing this picture, does it appear that the fire that happened in this home was severe? I can tell you it was. That is why there is a familiar saying, never judge a book by it’s cover. A fire in the attic area went from the garage into the kitchen and through out other areas of the home. Many of the walls, carpet, flooring had to be gutted, taken out, and will be reconstructed. Our technicians work hard when there is a fire trying to save as many contents as possible. If the SERVPRO team can restore any personal property for the homeowner that will be discussed with them. The items are cleaned with SERVPRO cleaning products and carefully stored in SERVPRO Content boxes. Technicians are also trained in how to properly store belongings and what should and should not be packed together. If you have had an unfortunate fire loss, please contact your local SERVPRO.

Basement Commercial Lab

11/4/2022 (Permalink)

Basement, water, shelves, remove contents SERVPRO of Oak Park Ferndale preparing to extract water from a basement Lab floor.

As you can see in this commercial building, they had a water loss in which a good portion of the floor was wet with pooling areas of water. This Lab had some contents on the floor that was affected. Paperwork and files are a very important part of a business. When water comes from a higher area such as a wall, ceiling, or roof anything that is on a shelf can also get wet. It is important to check every level of your business a few times a year to see if you discover any wet, damp areas. From the ceiling to the floor. Especially by drains. Holes or cracks, wet ceiling spots or discoloration could be a sign that something is going on in that space. Old or new pipes, materials, because of the weather change here in Michigan could potentially cause contraction and expansion. Quick reminder, if you have water or moisture there is a high probability that you may also have mold. Contact your local SERVPRO with any questions. We are always her to help!


10/17/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO individual franchises are helping cities all over the states when a hurricane, tornado, or a storm happens.  SERVPRO Professional technicians will travel across into other states to meet with other teams and work together to achieve the goal of Clean up and Restoration. An Alert is sent out to all franchises as to what the situation is, and each franchise considers whether they can send out a team to travel to the affected area. SERVPRO has been in the business of Cleaning and Restoration for 50 years and will continue to strive to be the number one Restoration Company across the United States. If you are looking to find out if you have SERVPRO Teams coming into your state when a disaster hits, call your local SERVPRO for more information. 

Steam Cleaning Tile

10/13/2022 (Permalink)

Sewage back up, disenfecting, steam cleaning SERVPRO of Oak Park Ferndale steam clean a tile floor in a basement sewage back up.

A sewage back up in this basement caused a Bio situation and a horrible smell. SERVPRO Technicians first spray the area with a disinfectant to minimize the smell. Using a special machine they extract the nasty mess off the floor. Some areas need power washing depending on how bad the back up was. The Technician then disinfects again with products used by SERVPRO and steam cleans the space. For this job it was tile. If you suspect any clogs or drains that are not draining properly, standing water in the area after you shower we highly suggest you call a plumber to take a look before the back up happens. Unfortunately, there will be those times when you have no idea what's happening "down under" (In the ground) That's why you call SERVPRO! Let the PRO'S SERVE you! 

Halloween Safety!

10/5/2022 (Permalink)

Preparations for Halloween start even before the month begins. Safety is always the number one concern this time of year. Let us go over a few tips to keep our children safe.

-Costumes, wigs, should be fire resistant, as well as proper fitting to avoid tripping.

-Face painting may be a better option than a mask. (non-toxic) Masks can obscure the vision.

-Accessories should never have sharp or pointed ends.

-Reflective tape should be attached to all costumes including carrying bags.

-Putting a phone number and first name to be reached IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY on or inside a costume would be beneficial.

-All children should be supervised by parents or an adult they trust.

-Flash lights and charged phones should be a part of the to do list.

-Please instruct children to never dart or run across the street. Look BOTH WAYS and WATCH FOR ALL CARS, wait safely until a car passes. Cross at cross walks and NOT in the middle of the block. Watch for all cars pulling in and out of driveways.

-Stay away from lit candles.

-Remind children to NEVER EAT any candy until it is checked by a trusted adult.

-Anything suspicious, REMEMBER TO CALL 911


*Have a Happy and Safe Halloween from the team here at SERVPRO OF Oak Park Ferndale!*

Vampire Cookies

10/5/2022 (Permalink)

Vampire cookies Easy to make Vampire cookies for fun.


1 tube of chocolate chip cookie dough (or homemade)

1 container of vanilla frosting (or homemade)

Food coloring-RED

Mini marshmallows

Slivered almonds


Preheated oven at 350*

Roll cookie dough into 1 ½” balls, place on parchment paper on top of baking sheets, bake approximately 12 minutes until golden brown. Let cool and cut in half. Add a couple of drops of red food coloring into the frosting and stir. Spread a thin layer of frosting on the cookie half. Place the mini marshmallows around the edges of halves. Place the other half on top. Stick a slivered almond on each side to create a fang.

*Hope you enjoy this recipe! I did! It is a fun and creative way to get your friends excited about Halloween.*


10/5/2022 (Permalink)

One of the most surprised looks I get out in the field talking with potential customers is when I tell them we clean carpets. I get: YOU DO? My response: Yes! We sure do! Upholstery as well. Well, isn’t that a wonderful fact to know?! Also, a convenient plus while we are cleaning a water, sewage, or storm loss. OR just everyday traffic. Please call our office and ask us about disinfecting and the products we use to help with your specific needs. I always tell customers, no question is a stupid question, if you don’t ask, how will you know? Now that I brought it to your attention, Dirty carpets? Call 248-246-0790 we will get you on our schedule. Go PRO!